Your medical device microcircuits need to be ultra dense and highly precise and tiny in size inserted into a catheter or wrapped around any object with smallest radius less than 20μm. There are only a few companies in the world who can handle it. We are manufacturing these microcircuits feature sizes ranging from 5μm to 20μm which consist of 6 multilayers.

MEDUS is an excellent factor and ensures high quality and control of all manufacturing processes in product servicing, by offering to our customers more engineering services with product design and development options, besides the existing manufacturing.

We know the expectations of your industry and we understand your needs. Contact us, we will develop an individual solution for you.

If we get involved right from the start and we will supply you the final solution with highly qualified and motivated employees.
We will make it much easier for you to finalize your design, your product and your project. We will design and offer you the right solution for your requirements.

When you choose MEDUS as your manufacturing partner you get more than a professional design, manufacturing and processing facility at your service, you get to take advantage of integration the latest and most advanced innovation in your ultra flexible multilayer microcircuits in your catheter.

MEDUS offers an excellent performance, ultra-miniaturization solutions with highly conform to the requirement of implant and medical devices technology.

MEDUS has a unique technology, which is a huge in advance to other technologies, in high density ultra thin flexible microcircuits which is excellent factor and ensures very high quality and control of the processes based on liquid polyimide on glass, ceramics and silicon substrates with ultra-miniaturization solutions for medical devices technology.