We are a service provider for Advanced Catheters and Ultra Tiny Endoscopy companies with a highly motivated team of scientists and technicians.

We design, develop and manufacture your individualized and sophisticated ultra tiny catheter-based medical devices with our ultra thin and very long flexible microcircuits or microcables solutions for your advanced catheter and endoscopy.

Our aim is to support you in your individual product questions with:

  • Design, development and manufacturing of innovative catheter-based medical device technologies
  • Our comprehensive technical capabilities range from the design and manufacturing of minimally invasive, catheter, and handheld technology to the development and production of medical components utilizing complex materials and processes.
  • Provide professional detailed deal structures to help customers optimize business performance by aligning revenue and expenses, optimizing balance sheet performance.
  • Throughout the process we communicate frequently with our customers, provide consistent and timely production schedules, and thoroughly document each development process.
  • 60%-80% of the manufacturing cost is defined within the design phase; therefore a holistic approach is required.  Our highly experienced, cross-functional teams get involved in the design process early and think out of the box to find the best manufacturing options to manage the cost, processability and quality of the components, sub-assemblies, and devices.