MEDCAM®: The New Generation of Capsule Endoscopy
ENDOCAM®: The New Generation of Long Endoscopy

MEDCAM® and ENDOCAM® constitute the next generation of endoscopy capsule and long endoscopy technological products. These are disrupting tools for various categories of doctors (e.g., gastroenterologists, gynaecologists, pulmonologists), which will massively improve the efficiency of catheter related medical operations, increasing the operation’s success potential, and enhancing the prevention, pre-operation, and post-operation stages.

Today, most of minimally invasive surgical procedures include rigid endoscopes based on a rod-lens optical system, making them quite rigid, expensive, and fragile.
Hence, the market is urgently looking for new visualization technologies with miniaturization being the main future market driver. Thus, advanced endoscope solutions (long endoscopy, capsuled endoscopy) were developed. But, on one hand, long endoscopy equipment is very expensive (up to €30,000) and complex and on the other, capsule endoscopy faces specific technical (bulky, encumbering belt transmission systems are required, low resolution images, clinical issues) and commercial (limited reimbursement) problems.

Having identified these market gaps, we developed MEDCAM® to revolutionize the medical industry. We managed to introduce a pioneering technology of ultra-thin flexible hybrid multilayer microcircuits technology into endoscopic devices, enabling to integrate visualization structures (e.g., cameras) up to 10-20 times smaller than existing FCB technologies. The result is two highly cost competitive innovative final endoscopy products, for long (a portable device e.g., mobile phone is needed) and capsuled pill (six times smaller, 2-3 times cheaper for public health institutes) endoscopy.

With MEDCAM®, we aim to disrupt the endoscopic devices industry by offering a pioneering technology. Our innovation is solution, smallest and lightest than anything else in the industry, completely painless and cost efficient for the public health services. endoscope products:

MEDCAM® with 2 integrated cameras and ENDOCAM® (long endoscopy of >1.5m)

§  2 Transparent Optical Biocompatible Dome for light

§  2 tiny camera, camera size 400umx400um, no need orientation problem to provide diagnosis images

§  Plastic injected lens which prevents infiltration of digestive fluids into capsule and simple and safe

§  Patient comfort to swallow the capsule and propelling in gastrointestinal tract by prim

§  Takes 2 images per second, for 8 hours 172’800 images with 8 micro-LEDs light sources

§  Light weight of capsule is less than 5g

§  Accurate and precise 360° 3D imaging reconstitution in real time view and once swallowed takes pictures

§  Miniature size and painless and capsule will be less than 20 hours excreted and not reusable

§  Patient can go to home or stay in hospital an no expensive extern device needs and no need to antennas connection belt all around the patients abdominal

§  Biocompatible material no side effects like radiation or sedation with perylene coated onto polypropylene

§  Can detection of Crohn’s disease, Oesophageal reflux disease, Barrett’s oesophagus, Small Bowel Tumours, Small Bowel injury, Celiac disease, Ulcerative colitis

§  Proximal and distal portions of gastrointestinal tract are visible.

§  Software on mobile phone application under control diagnosis

§  Receiving and Collecting data imaging on phone or download on extern computer and examine by doctors

§  Big impact in medical industry with cost effective

The global endoscopic devices market will experience high technological advancements and it is projected to at a 6.12% CAGR2016-2021, reaching €34 billion euros turnover in 2021. at a CAGR of 15.5%, mainly due to the increase in the number of endoscopy surgeries perform including pills that use camera endoscopic technology devices expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 17 percent, reaching ($965 million = 804million) by the year 2017, published by Markets under Smart Pill Tec (2012-2017).

ACINOs sell product named MOVIPREP which will be used with MEDCAM.